Overton Creative Consulting has been employed on range of exciting projects.
A summary of current and past projects include:
Broken Hill City Council (NSW) – Cultural Plan 2020-2040
August 2020 – July 2021

Overton Creative, in collaboration with Cred Consulting and SGS Economics and Planning have been engaged to deliver a Broken Hill Cultural Plan 2020-2040.

The purpose of the plan is to provide an overarching framework and strategic direction for cultural programs, services and facilities in the City of Broken Hill for the next 20 years. It will help embed cultural infrastructure into the larger program of city-shaping infrastructure planning for the
City of Broken Hill.

Fairfield City Council (NSW) – Cultural Planning Mentorship
February – July  2020

Overton Creative is currently undertaking a bespoke mentorship with Fairfield City Council on the development of the new Fairfield City Cultural Framework. This project involves taking on the role of guide and sounding board; developing confidence and a developmental pathway for mentored staff to increase their skills and knowledge in strategic cultural and social planning.

The mentorship has been tailored to the needs of staff and their current experience and exposure to strategic planning via a collaborative/capacity building model. The mentorship has involved helping to set clear parameters and expectations from the beginning of the project; and assisting with conceptual development of the Cultural Framework (through workshopping cultural planning principles and key objectives and goals).

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (NSW) – Strategic Plan
Jan – March  2020

Built in 1989, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery was the first purpose built regional gallery in NSW, and provides professional development opportunities for local and regional artists. The Gallery is a creator of innovative curated and quality touring exhibitions, and operates the highly celebrated Hill End Artists in Residence Program.

Overton Creative facilitated a number of consultations with key stakeholders and the community to develop a robust and ambitious Strategic Plan (2021-2024) for the gallery to strive to remain the cultural heart of  Bathurst and Central West community whilst retaining its stature in the sector as a leading gallery in regional Australia.

Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre (NSW) –              Strategic Plan
December 2019 – February 2020

Overton Creative worked with the Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre to develop a new 4 year Strategic Plan.

The new Strategic Plan will  see TRGMOAC realise its vision and mission – to create a unique, high quality and dynamic arts experiences – through the achievement of key strategic focus areas. These areas centre on the continued positioning of the Gallery as central to arts and cultural life in the region and beyond.

Wollongong Art Gallery (NSW) – Strategic Plan
November 2019 – February 2020

Overton Creative in consultation with Wollongong Art Gallery and stakeholders a new Strategic plan (2020-25).

This plan highlights a number of operational and strategic opportunities for the Gallery over the next five years that will substantially improve the visitor experience as well as the development and expansion of the art collection. The Plan will guide the Gallery over the next 5 years, enhancing the cultural and creative experience in Wollongong and contributing to social connectivity, economic development and well-being in the community.

Museums & Galleries NSW (MGNSW) – Strategic Plan
July 2019 – Jan 2020

Overton Creative worked with Museums & Galleries NSW to develop a new 4 year Strategic Plan.

The development process for this new Strategic Plan (undertaken during the latter part of 2019) allowed M&G to review the organisation’s directions in response to an ever-changing operating environment and dynamic nature of the sector represented.  The consultation process invited staff, M&G Board and a range of stakeholders to help set priorities for the 2021-2024 period.

Georges River Council (NSW) – Public Art Policy & Implementation Plan
July 2019 – Jan 2020

Overton Creative has partnered with Cred Consulting to develop of a new Public Art Policy & implementation Plan & Cultural Needs Study. The Public Art Plan will shape a vibrant approach to the development of public art, place-making projects, and urban design outcomes that reflect, strengthen and  support Georges River Council’s key strategic objectives and identity into the future.

The Public Art Policy and Implementation Plan will create a strategic vision for public art across the Georges River LGA, and guide and inform funding processes and commissioning as well as determine and govern requirements for public art.  Integration is vital to the success of the  Policy & implementation Plan in delivering demonstrable community benefit across the entire LGA.

Uniting Mayflower Village Westmead  (NSW) – Public Art Plan
August  – November 2019

Overton Creative is currently working with Uniting Care and Savills Project Management on a comprehensive Public Art Plan for Mayflower Village Westmead. The project is the redevelopment of existing aged care facilities for the purpose of a new, contemporary seniors living development.  The new development, designed by Marchese Partners, will include a residential aged care facility (high & low care), independent & serviced living units for seniors, a childcare centre & on-site support services (small shops, hairdresser, function/meeting rooms, cafe).

Warrick Lane Precinct, Blacktown (NSW) – Public Art Framework & Implementation
May 2019 – February 2021

Overton Creative is working on the 3.5ha Warrick Lane precinct will transform Blacktown CBD into a modern metropolitan centre delivering new employment and housing within a framework of renewed social, cultural, environmental and transport infrastructure. Overton Creative is currently working with Cox Architecture and Blacktown City Council to support a collaborative creative process between the design/development team including architect, landscape designer and other design professionals and the artist/s which generate distinctive and site specific artworks for this transformational project and soon to be landmark site.

Tweed Shire Public Art & Placemaking  Policy (NSW)
May 2019 – July  2019

Overton Creative is excited by the opportunity to assist Tweed Shire Council in the development of a new Placemaking & Public Art Policy that will that will shape a vibrant approach to the development of public art, place-making projects, and urban design that reflect, strengthen and  support Tweed Shire’s Council’s key  strategic objectives into the future.

Tweed Regional Gallery Foundation Strategic Plan (NSW)
March 2019 – July  2019

Overton Creative  is working with the Tweed Regional Gallery Foundation to develop a Strategic Plan that broadens not only support the primary outcomes of the Gallery’s core business – that being; collections, exhibitions, learning and public programs, capacity building, outreach and visitor experience but also aim to seek to assist the Gallery to broaden its reach; to deepen its influence; and to assert its relevance to local, state and national/international communities. An important component of this has been to recognise the Foundation’s existing and future capacity to deliver on its mission and take steps to adequately resource itself.

Broken Hill Geo Centre  Business Plan (NSW)
March 2019 – August  2019

Overton Creative is currently developing a new Business Plan for the Albert Kersten Mining & Minerals Museum (GeoCentre) that tells the story of how the world’s largest deposit of silver lead and zinc was formed in Broken Hill. The process includes:

  • Facilitating discussion with Museum and council staff along with other key stakeholders to identify emerging issues and opportunities that will have a likely impact and/or assist to drive forward Geo Museum’s strategic approach and delivery over the next 3-5 years
  • Re-forming the Museum’s strategic context to their key stakeholders, through pinpointing the mutual connection points in forward planning.
  • Building a clear narrative to describe the Museum’s overall strategic approach, with particular attention to  reinforcing  Museum’s relevance to the local and regional communities and funding partners.

Willoughby Public Art Policy & Guidelines (NSW)
October 2018 – January  2019

Overton Creative has been commissioned to produce a Public Art Policy & Guidelines that can assist Willoughby City Council stakeholders and developers to facilitate the design and development of temporary and permanent public art across Willoughby. The project also involves undertaking key research that can be used for the development of a Public Art Strategy, specific to locations  across Willoughby LGA.

Western Sydney Cultural & Creative Industries Hub – Parramatta North (NSW)
 October 2018

Overton Creative recently authored a detailed discussion paper for the Sydney Business Chamber – Western Sydney into the feasibility of Western Sydney Cultural & Creative Industries Hub. The paper was launched by the NSW Minister for the Arts; The Hon. Don Harwin (MLC). The establishment of a Western Sydney Cultural & Creative Industries Hub at the centre of the ‘Central City’ will provide that ‘home’ and will go further to cultivate a unique ‘habitat for creativity’ for one of NSW’s fastest growing sectors and significantly contribute to the placemaking of one of Sydney’s most historic sites.

It will support and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, boost cultural and social development as well as employment at a regional level. The hub would be flexible and suitable for many types of activity such as meetings, networking, hack events, private working, group working, discussion-based events, training, mentoring, incubation and acceleration of projects or firms, collaborative making and research ideas.

City of Hobart Public Art Framework (TAS)
July – March 2019

Overton Creative has been tasked with developing a clear, aspirational and bespoke 5 – 10 year Public Art Framework for the City of Hobart to align with the City of Hobart’s broad vision and align with the ‘Creative Hobart’ strategic framework. The resulting plan/framework and process will engage with Hobart’s diverse, creative community to inform a vision and guiding principles, as well as contemporary policies and operational procedures for the City’s public art program.

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery – Policies Development (NSW)
April – August 2018

Overton Creative is currently creating a series of associated policies for the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery. These policies take a contemporary and integrated approach to policy creation with links to key Council policies and plans and developed  in-line with museum and gallery best practice and include:

  • Acquisition and Collections Policy
  • Exhibitions Policy
  • Incoming and Outgoing Loans Policy
  • Broken Hill City Council Public Art Policy

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery  Strategic Plan 2020-2024 (NSW)
January –  July 2018

Overton Creative is currently working Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery on the development of a  new Strategic Plan.

The Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery is the oldest art gallery in regional NSW. The gallery is housed one of Broken Hill’s original heritage buildings, beautifully restored and located in the central business district of the city.  This new Strategic Plan presents an opportunity for the Gallery to continue to redefine it’s regional and remote context in a positive light – recognising that geographic limitations are diminishing, educational aspirations and opportunities are improving and local investment in the City is cultivating, particularly across the broader cultural/social and tourism sectors. It is also very much about seeing the Gallery as the ‘centre of the community’ supporting social interactions and connections that contribute to individual and community wellbeing and to the liveability of the City; retaining a sense of identity and connection to place. It recognises connections with the community ensuring that Broken Hill has a vibrant and sustainable cultural life which values the potential of the area’s culture, distinctive local characteristics and collective possibilities.

32 Smith Street, Parramatta – Public Art Plan (NSW)
Nov 2017 – Nov 2018

Overton Creative is currently working with the GPT Group to develop a Public Art Plan for 32 Smith Street, Parramatta.  The project involves a new $230 million Fender Katsalidis-designed tower that uniquely features a ground level ‘urban room’ event space, an elevated podium terrace facing the Parramatta River. The Arts Plan’s aim is to embody a strong sense of place for the new development that is reflective of Parramatta’s complex landscape of rich natural and cultural heritage and its dynamic future.

Overton Creative’s goal is to support a collaborative creative process between the development team including the client (GPT Group) architect,(Fender Katsalidis) landscape designer and other design professionals and artist/s which generate distinctive and exciting artwork/s for this landmark site.

M&G NSW Strategic Business Plan 2020-2022 (NSW)
July- October 2017

Overton Creative developed a new Strategic plan for  Museums and Galleries NSW 2020-22. The project involved:

  • Facilitating discussion with M&G NSW staff and other stakeholders to identify emerging issues and opportunities that will have a likely impact and/or assist to drive forward M&G NSW’s strategic approach and delivery over the next 3 years
  • Re-forming M&G NSW’s strategic context to their key stakeholders, through pinpointing the mutual connection points in forward planning.
  • Re-framing the plan to re-build a clear narrative to describe M&G NSW’s overall strategic approach, with particular attention to  reinforcing  M&G NSW’s relevance to member organisations and funding partners.
  • Reviewing and synthesising M&G NSW’s existing and emerging priorities into clear goals and achievable strategies to take forward.

Cultural Infrastructure Assessment & Recommendations – Ginninderry (ACT)
April – June 2017

Overton Creative was employed to assist in the consultation and development of cultural outcomes for a planned new development in the ACT. The Joint Venture (JV) governing Ginninderry is an undertaking between the two development entities; ACT Land Development Agency (LDA) on behalf of the Australian Capital Territory and Riverview Developments Pty Limited (Riverview) on behalf of Corkhill Brothers Pty Ltd (Corkhill). Designed to cater to Canberra and region needs as a growing area, the Ginninderry community will eventually contain 11,500 homes and be the first cross border development between ACT/NSW. The underlying approach is to use ‘culture’ as a strategic asset to achieve Ginnindery’s vision of ‘a sustainable community of international significance’. Overton Creative is worked with SGS Economics on the following integrated components:

  • Development of Ginninderry Community Needs Assessment Report – Phase 3
  • Consideration of spatial distribution of infrastructure and other social/cultural services including public art/placemaking and cultural tourism
  • Stakeholder Consultation:  the Working Group, Ginninderry Projects staff, ACT and NSW Government agencies, Yass Council, other key cultural infrastructure/program providers

Cultural Infrastructure Grant – Fairfield City Museum & Gallery (NSW)
March 2017

Overton Creative worked with Fairfield City Museum & Gallery on the comprehensive preparation of a grant application for the upgrade of the permanent social history exhibition.  An important outcome for Council is continuing to invest in the long-term support of Fairfield City’s cultural life through ongoing development of Fairfield City Museum and Gallery – its facilities, staff and practices.


Preliminary Public Art Plan – Garraway Park, Rosebery (NSW)
October – November 2016

Overton Creative was sub-contracted by OCULUS Landscape Architecture & Urban Design to develop a public art plan for new open space in North Rosebery. Garraway Park is one of more than 40 parks and open space planned for the broader Green Square Area. The parks and recreational spaces are spread across the 278 hectare Green Square area, which will be home to around 61,000 people by 2030. Public art and cultural activity will be used to help facilitate the long term transition of the area from employment-based uses to primarily residential and mixed uses.

Public art in this development will serve to:

  • Build connectivity between key elements of the Park and precinct.
  • Create a sense of place of the Park and surrounding neighbourhood, and
  • Provide a focus for community, offering social/cultural benefit to residents, workers, and visitors.


EOI for the proposed Aboriginal Centre of Excellence for Western Sydney
Blacktown City Council  (NSW)
July – August  2016

Overton Creative project managed the development of a comprehensive Expression of Interest Submission for Council on the proposed Aboriginal Centre of Excellence for Western Sydney. The project involved the coordination of a multidisciplinary  team of consultants including Roots Projects Australia, Social Ventures Australia and Tyrell Architecture Studio to devise conceptual ideas and models that best expressed a ‘grass roots’ community driven approach to the development of a proposal for the Centre.  The project also included community consultation, development of community governance models, facilities planning and development.

Wollongong Gallery

Strategic Business Plan for Wollongong Art Gallery
Wollongong City Council  (NSW)
March – May  2016

Overton Creative assisted Wollongong Art Gallery on developing a new 3 year Strategic Business Plan.

Brief/Tender Documentation  for a Blacktown Living Culture Centre
Blacktown City Council  (NSW)
March – April  2016

Overton Creative is assisted Blacktown Council on developing a comprehensive brief for an economic and design feasibility study for a “Living Culture Centre”.

 download                         sacred
Sacred Currents Inc – Sydney Sacred Music Festival  (NSW)
October  2015

Strategic Business Plan 2016 -18

Overton Creative developed a new strategic business plan for a not-for-profit arts entity – Sacred Currents Inc. Sacred Currents Inc  aims to produce arts and cultural projects that facilitate a shared experience that transcends difference and creates community.

Screen-Shot-2014-03-14-at-10.42.26-AM         r0_292_5616_3451_w1200_h678_fmax

Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre  (NSW)                Strategic Plan 2016 -18

May – June  2015

Overton Creative was employed to develop a comprehensive strategic business plan for Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre.


Wollongong City Council (NSW) – Public Art Strategy 
June 2015 – February 2016

Overton Creative was employed to produce a Public Art Strategy that will provide a strategic framework for the development and implementation of Wollongong City’s public art program into the future.

Print     xx

Bankstown Arts Centre  (NSW) – Strategic Plan 
January 2015 – April 2015

Overton Creative worked with Bankstown Arts Centre on developing a new business plan.The Bankstown Arts Centre is a cultural facility, where artists and community groups collaborate to explore ideas and learn, create and experience contemporary community based arts.


Ku-ring-gai Council (NSW) – Review of  Ku-ring-gai Arts Centre  
November 2014 – June 2015

Overton Creative  completed a comprehensive review of the Ku-ring-gai Arts Centre. The review has provided a staged approach to the future development of the Arts Centre and other arts and cultural development outcomes for Ku-ring-gai Council.

Riverside   ntop

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta (NSW) – Resident Theatre Company Proposal 
 August 2014

Overton Creative worked with Riverside Theatres, Parramatta on an exciting funding proposal/pitch for a the formation of a Resident Theatre Company to be based  in Parramatta. The result was the securing of considerable triennial funding for this new venture from Arts NSW, Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation. The new entity: The National Theatre of Parramatta aims to become a principal arts company contributing to the continued growth of Sydney’s west – the fastest growing region of Australia.


Campbelltown Arts Centre (NSW) – Strategic Plan and Capital Investment Proposal.
August 2014 – February 2015

Overton Creative worked with Campbelltown Arts Centre on a new Business Plan and a Capital Investment Proposal. What lies at the heart of Campbelltown Arts Centre’s long term strategic approach is to implicitly engage, inspire and respond to the issues of the region’s communities through the production of quality contemporary arts and cultural programs. Along with engagement, creativity and vibrancy also comes the necessity of stability and strength to support an ever growing local and regional creative eco-system. The plans present the next logical step forward for the Centre to not only increase diversity, access and engagement but also to forge new strategic partnerships and support to build ongoing resilience and sustainability.


Riverside Theatres, Parramatta (NSW) – Strategic & Master Planning
March – July  2014

Overton Creative worked  with Riverside Theatres, Parramatta on a range of strategic and masterplanning projects. These include new vision, mission and  purpose statements, and Cultural Overlay to the Riverside Masterplan. The master plan proposes three options to redevelop Riverside Theatres; each option includes significant building upgrades to the existing Theatres, increased seating capacity, enhancements to the public domain, connectivity to the riverfront and Parramatta CBD and the expansion of back of house functions.


Bonnyrigg Public Art Project – Fairfield City Council (NSW)
November 2013 – July 2014

As a key component of the Bonnyrigg Action Plan, Overton Creative  managed a public artwork that celebrates Bonnyrigg’s vision and responds to the positioning: ‘all the world in one place’.  The process involves engaging the community and artist  in a shared design process,  with the artist producing a work that reflects that celebrates the diversity, faith and culture of the people of Bonnyrigg. The work will also improve the local public realm and community connections.

Orange_Logosyd cityPublic art

Public Art in New Development – City of Sydney (NSW)  
September 2012 – April 2013

Overton Creative was employed to develop  new policy and guidelines for the City of Sydney for Public Art in New Development. The project involved extensive  internal and external consultation, the preparation of policy directions and guidelines. The project also involved the development of 12 case studies that illustrate the depth of  leading best practice  public art commissions internationally, nationally, and locally.


Cultural Planning & Night Time Economy – Fairfield City Council (NSW) 
March – April 2013

Overton Creative was employed by Fairfield City Council to undertake an extensive background paper into Cultural Planning & the Night Time Economy.  The paper included : A description and definition of the term “Night time Economy”, Summary of current directions and drivers in response to “Cultural Planning and the Night time Economy” and sample strategies applicable to the Fairfield Local Government Area.


NSW Local Government Submission –  Museums and Galleries NSW 
October 2012

Overton Creative completed the development of comprehensive submission  to the NSW Independent Local Government Review Panel for the Museums and Galleries NSW.

The submission focused on the effectiveness of  Local Government to be major contributor to  cultural,  social and economic well being of communities across NSW. The submission presented a collective response of Museums & Galleries NSW and its stakeholders  to the role of cultural policy, infrastructure and service provision within the context of local government in NSW.

Cultural arts

syd sacred

Cultural Arts Collective Pty Ltd (NSW) – Marketing
June 2012

Overton Creative was employed to develop  a programming marketing package for the launch of the Sydney Sacred Music Festival 2012. The program featured a diversity of Sacred Music and World Music from both local and international acts; as well as cross-collaborative arts, film screenings, visual art, and  discussion panels.

Riley-Lee       ron-ragel_sm       Horse-and-Wood


 Campbelltown Arts Centre (NSW) – Strategic Plan
May – June 2012

Overton Creative was employed to develop cultural policy and new strategic focus areas for the  largest arts centre in Western Sydney, Campbelltown Art Centre (Strategic Plan 2012-2015). The planning involved detailed statistical analysis of the local area along with focussed consultations to support priority areas including youth, pacific islander communities, artists etc.

Ed & Comfomeec


Beresford Road Public School (NSW) – Habitart’  Artist in Residence Program –
February—December 2012

A partnership with NSW Department of Education, Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre & Beresford Road Public School.

Overton Creative project managed a unique participatory, collaborative, and interdisciplinary public art residency project that involve students, teachers and the community developing a site specific artwork for the school based on principles of sustainability and utilising new technologies.

art in residence4      art in residence2       art in residence1

Artist: Graham Chalcroft (Vertebrae)

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